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Fundacion Calicanto

Location – Panama

The Project – Fundacion Calicanto is doing essential work ending cycles of poverty and domestic violence by providing women in need with skills and support. CAPTA is a personal and vocational training programme for single mothers living in poverty. The training includes a strong psychological development component that empowers women by lifting self‐esteem and confidence levels. The process continues with professional training that provides a certificate for employment in the hotel industry.

Our Support – The LATA Foundation’s funding will be directed towards the creation of a job bank database that will help the women who have been trained through CAPTA to find employment. This will be an invaluable tool linking the upskilled women to opportunities requiring their skills. Specifically, the funds provided by the LATA Foundation will be used to employ an experienced person who can set up the database and get hotel managers on board.

How can you help?Donate here

Further information –  The aim is to secure jobs for 81% of the women trained through the scheme.