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Picaflor House

Location – Cusco, Peru

The Project – Picalor House is an educational charity working in the small town of Oropesa and other villages in the surrounding rural area 25km outside of Cusco, Peru.  The charity offers a comprehensive afterschool program in academic and non-academic subjects, along with helping the children with their homework, which takes the burden off the parents.

Picaflor also supports the local community through hygiene programmes, taps for teeth washing and stoves for local families, having a far- reaching positive impact on the wider community. Picaflor works directly with the community to identify their needs and help them to become stakeholders in proposed solutions. This holistic and communicative approach has strengthened the community as a whole and greatly improved the educational and vocational opportunities of the children involved.

Our support – In 2016 The LATA Foundation began helping to update Picaflor House’s English Teaching resources and financing an English speaking intern to help implement a new English teaching plan. The English teaching programme is core to Picaflor’s strategy as it one of the key skills needed by students in their state education and in the employment market. LATA Foundation funding went towards important class work material such as graded textbooks, work books for students and teachers’ resources as well as Audio CDs. The Foundation’s support continues into 2017 with the funding of the English language Co-ordinator as part of the on-going teaching programme.

How can you help? – Donate £40 to provide 1 month of art supplies for 50 children!  Donate here

Further Information – Being so close to Cusco, Picalfor is working with several local tour operators to ensure some of the benefits of tourism reach the surrounding areas. It also recruits local volunteers such as students from Cusco, as well as international ones though its volunteer program Globalteer